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Monday, September 19, 2005

Classic Pinoy "ka cheap-an", shown at the U.N. by Arroyo supporters

Once again, kahihiyan nanaman ang ibinigay ni Arroyo sa harapan ng
mundo thanks to her "hakot" crowd. Para namang napaka-BIG DEAL na sa
mga Pinoy na nagsalita si Arroyo sa UN that they broke protocol and
applauded during GMA's appearance there. Wala man lang class na
ipinakita ang mga bwiset. Kaya bumababa ang tingin ng mundo sa Pinoy
dahil sa mga ipinapakitang kabakyaan na ganito eh. Akala ba nila maa-
"admire" ng mga tao ang mga Pinoy dahil pinalakpakan nila si Arroyo?
It just shows na inconsiderate sila dahil bawal yun sa UN... because
every second is important in the UN Assembly, there is no need
for "hakot crowds" to clap like idiots and waste the world's time.
Iisipin nanaman nila na ang chicheap at inconsiderate ng mga Pinoy.

UN security cools ardor of Arroyo 'hakot' crowd

First posted 07:36am (Mla time) Sept 17, 2005
By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
Inquirer News Service

Editor's Note: Published on Page A1 of the September 17, 2005 issue
of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

NEW YORK CITY-If she can make it there, she'll make it anywhere.

A "hakot" (flown-in) crowd of congressmen, governors and mayors
cheered President Macapagal-Arroyo's perfunctory speech before the
60th UN General Assembly in New York, forcing the United Nations
security to chastise the overzealous group.

The "pala" (claque) boys led by House Speaker Jose de Venecia were
present in all of the President's UN engagements in the last three

They clapped their hands when Ms Arroyo was introduced as the next
speaker, prompting a polite but firm reminder from UN security.

One of 151

The President is just one of 151 leaders who were slated to deliver a
speech at United Nation's New York headquarters. Speeches in these
events are considered pro forma, with some leaders speaking before
mostly empty seats.

With so many leaders expected to stand before the rostrum all day,
the UN reminded leaders to keep their speeches brief and their
respective delegates not to interfere in the proceedings. This was
why the UN security expressly cautioned the audience in the gallery
to refrain from clapping.

The group again cheered at the latter part of the President's speech.
This time, however, the UN security gave the Arroyo boosters dagger
looks, but chose to let the incident pass since the President's
speech was very brief.

The "pala" boys finally parted ways with Ms Arroyo when she flew to
San Francisco yesterday to extend her visit in the United States by a


The President will meet for the first time in a long while her eldest
son, Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo, who has been in voluntary exile with
First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo in their San Francisco home since
June this year.

Among the congressmen in the Arroyo booster group were Rep. Anthony
Miranda (Isabela), Carmelita Villarosa (Mindoro Oriental), Herminia
Ramiro (Mindoro Occidental), Danilo Suarez (Quezon), Reynaldo Aquino,
Ana York Bondoc (Pampanga), Jesli Lapuz (Tarlac), Raul del Mar
(Cebu), Antonio Cuenco (Cebu), Nerissa Soon-Ruiz (Cebu), Reylina
Nicolas (Bulacan) and Lorna Silverio (Bulacan). The local government
officials in the group were Eastern Samar Gov. Ben Evardone, Sulu
Gov. Benjamin Loong, Agusan del Sur Gov. Adolph Edward Plaza,
Catanduanes Gov. Leandro Verceles, Camarines Sur Gov. Luis Raymond
Villafuerte, Danao City Mayor Ramon Durano and Sorsogon City Mayor
Sally Lee.

(Kailangan pa bang nandun ang mga yan? Sayang lang mga pinamasahe
diyan kasama mga pamilya at mga katulong nila! Leche talagang
Pilipinas yan)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Replies to Martial Law Message

From: "digitalpapa"

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 08:01:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [filipino] Re: Reaction to Pinoy wannabes who try to act/dress like "gangstas"
Sir, I agree with all that you described as the dirt of today's Filipino youth. Sadly, most of those also apply to the adults! Look at the cell phone thing for example. I recently came back from a trip to the Phils and found it interesting that even those poor folk selling a few pieces of fruit on the street are clutching on to and staring intently at their cell phones punching away at the keys. I'm sure that the money they waste on "loads" could have been used for food or other important items.

As far as the contests (singing, dancing, etc), look at the size of the audience they attract. I would hope that some of those spectators are watching in disappointment and disgust at what their fellow Filipinos are wasting their time and energy on.

Regarding your solutions, I admit that they are somewhat extreme. I do agree on the desired result though. I'd like to see less bullsh*t, more intelligence and better use of time and energy on the part of the younger folk.

From: "hazel vee"
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 13:00:04 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Re: [filipino] Re: Reaction to Pinoy wannabes who try to act/dress like "gangstas"
General Madrigal,

i am passionate about topics regarding children, their well being and their safety......your passion to achieve yours and everyone's dream of a better generation for our young filipinos is admirable........however, i do not agree with a military style dicipline.......putting fear of military punishment in the hearts of young people is not going to boast their self esteem........our youths are not to blame, after all they are the products of their parents messed up filipino why don't we all go after them? the parents i mean...
it took me almost half a life time to disconnect myself from my own parents' dysfunction......and from that typical filipino mayabang, lazy and great immitators mentality.......the "clean up" starts from individual families........

if you were a part of the marcial law in the early 70s then why together with the marcoses and thier cronnies didn't you all achieve what you all wanted to achieve for the so called bagong lipunan?.........aren't the situations after that and for the last three decades that we're all frustrated and ashamed of now , the end result of bagong lipunan?........... why didn't you all use your power back then to make a difference for our younger generation?.........why are the military and all other figures of athourity in our country so corrupt to the very core?......i know what i am talking about, cause i have relatives in the army, the police force, the judicial system, even presidential guards to the deposed marcos.........these people in uniforms, mostly men have abused their authority..........i don't need to mention all the kinds of abuse of power, you should know if you were in the middle of them.........i just hope that you were one of the very few who are truly a genuine
gentleman......that would be an added to my diappointment if you weren't.........

i am just a simple minded woman, an individual but most of all a mother.......
i have endured sleepless nights protecting my boys from the military style dicipline that their father wanted to bring them up with........had i not been strong enough to save them from that situation, they would have grown up to be like bullies and broken men instead of gentlemen like they are today.......and i am very proud that i get a lot of praises from others who get to know my sons........even the ex husband can't thank me enough for what i have way is better, i may have only three examples of good results to show but at least i can prove that tough and yet gentle aproach works.........

if we want to see men who don't have much respect for women, we just have to go inside a military camp......but of course there are also in other sectors of the community........because the typical filipino men have a twisted notion of their manhood that is why our country is cluttered with unwanted abandoned children and i am sure many of them were fathered by men in uniforms.

my idea of helping youths in our country is to set up workshops where they can learn skills and be taught about morals and values and where they can be rewarded for their HARDWORK,that's the key word...............i wouldn't mind to spend my hard earned money on projects like these.............. but with the talks of civil war or uprising against whoever is not very helpful for someone like me who is willing to go there and just get on with the job.....i don't want to be in the middle of all the chaos.........and the corruption, how are we going to stop it?..........could we all put our energy on just doing and working.......all i want to do is go there and show an example of hardwork.......bullying people and telling them what to do is not the same as showing them........working with them is more likely to achieve a productive result.......thanks,


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Martial Law is good for the Filipino Youth (a conversation)


Thank you for visiting my website ...
I have not updated it in a long time.
The Filipinos really need something like Martial Law
to get them in line. Hindi na uubra ang
palambot-lambot. Dapat masanay ang mga
Pilipino sa kamay na bakal at
ka-ruthlessan dahil ito lang ang
magpapatino sa kanila at magpapalakas
mentally, physically and spiritually.

Filipinos of the next generations should be
raised like the Spartan children of Ancient Greece.
Yun lang talaga ang way para magkaroon ng
BAGONG LIPUNAN ang mga Pilipino.
The youth today are weak and are too
fun-loving. The words "gimik", "barkada"
and "tambay" are very popular among them and
they use those very loosely. They also do stupid things
like text message jokes, "cute" graphics, mushy words and other
inanities on their cel phones.

Ang Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) ay tama ang
layunin na baguhin ang kultura ng mga Pilipino.
Sabi, dahil daw sa mga mananakop kaya
nagkaroon ng mga maling mentalidad ang mga Pilipino.
Ang sa akin lang, kung sa simula pa lang ay tama na
ang mentalidad ng mga Pilipino, ay hindi tayo
masasakop ng mga dayuhan. Kaya nasakop ang mga
Pilipino ay dahil sa kakulangan sa kaalamang
industriyal na dulot na rin ng kulturang kulang
sa kamay na bakal. Industrial societies like Spain,
Japan and the US invaded the Phils because
Filipinos are not willing to industrialize
themselves. Industrial people require themselves to
be subjected to harsh treatment so they can work hard.

Filipinos would be under perpetual subjugation
if the youth does not become strong and continue
to succumb to fads, fashion, "happenings"
and all these stupidities and banalities.
If only Martial Law can be implemented then
all the Children would undergo intense Military
Training (even more intense and not corrupt like
the mild ROTC and CAT programs) and those who
choose to behave like idiots would be punished.

Imagine, youths marching to school and back to
the barracks every day (to the tune of flutes
and drums playing Military music) in their
white shirts, garrison belts, clean cuts,
polished shoes and black pants instead of
hanging around in the malls, smoking weed, playing
video games, dancing, hanging out wearing loose
clothing, caps facing different directions,
long hair (or cornrows), jackets in 90 degree
heat and walking like they just had their
balls blown off by a shotgun.

Pseudo-artists like April Boy Regino,
Renz Verano, the writers of shows like
Oki doki doc, OK Fine Whatever and Wattamen
and the Sex Bomb Dancers would be executed
for corrupting a very valuable asset -
the minds of the youth.

Also, dance contests, beauty contests, singing
contests would be discouraged because the youth
should focus more on developing their Math,
English and Computer skills rather than trying to
look like bimbos. Instead of beauty contests
there would be Math competitions, instead of
dance contests would be computer programming
contests and instead of singing contests,
there should be boxing competitions for the men,
and Tae Kwon Do competitions for the women.
Videoke, the tool that is being used for noise
pollution, applauding of untalented "friends"
and drunken escapism should be banned and
replaced with video documentaries showing Science
and History.

I really hope that someday we can achieve this
SOCIETY composed of strong and smart youth rather
than the fun-loving, fiesta-oriented sons of
bitches that we have today.


General Johnny Madrigal (Retired)

--- hazel vee <hazelvee@...> wrote:

> to genmadrigal,
> in your own word " those kids"...... if i am so
> disturbed and concerned about the future of those
> kids, wouldn't it be better for me to go and find
> who the parents are and have a discussion with them
> about my concern?.....don't you think it is a bit
> harsh to "pepper them with bullets or slash their
> necks"? they are only words but they are as
> violent......
> as a female who brought up boys on my own, all i
> know is that dicipline and values are taught from
> infancy.....i am proud that i had the abilty to be
> so tough and yet gentle with my boys.......i was
> aware of the problems that could arise so i watched
> over them and made sure that they are not corrupted
> by outside influences........ i have no experience
> bringing up girls but i believe that it is a lot
> harder to dicipline and bring up boys.....everyone
> is her/his own person that no matter how uniformed a
> parent brings up their children, they will all come
> out different....teenage is the most chaotic stage
> in a person's life and it is when they need more
> guidance and is when they don't
> know who they really are.......and it is when they
> crave for that sense of belonging and yet wanting to
> be different at the same time.......this is the most
> confusing time for them.......i feel bad for the
> parents of those kids but i feel very sad for those
> kids who have been
> neglected......
> i have come across your site and read your comments
> about our country our culture and politics, i have
> laughed at the humour you put into your criticisms,
> i agree with a lot of things you you've
> you many filipinos including
> myself have criticised and laughed and felt ashamed
> of our own ..... but it is now time to put more of
> our energy into the other side of being
> critical........we may not able to find solutions to
> problems that are already there.....but we could
> start using less violent or demeaning words when
> posting stories about our mature
> adults, we have to know better.......there is a
> better way to express criticsms and frustrations
> especially when it comes to our youths.......
> thanks,
> hazel
> genmadrigal <genmadrigal@...> wrote:
> I don't know, but me and my fellow Martial Law
> Veterans don't have to
> dress like that just to look "astig." I wonder if
> those kids would
> still consider themselves "astig" if we pepper them
> with bullets or
> slash their necks. We might be wearing old man's
> clothes and overseas
> caps with ribbons, but if these kids make the
> mistake of messing with
> even one of us malilintikan sila.
> General Juan Carlos "Johnny" Madrigal, PC (Ret)
> --- In, "Jaime Antonio V.
> Montino"
> wrote:
> >
> > I once read an article about this kind of style.
> And yes, the
> imitation of this "gangsta" look does appear
> pathetic.
> >
> > The how and why seems to be quite elusive, but I
> have this gut
> feeling that many among the Filipino youth are
> adopting this style
> because of the "astig" aura that they somehow feel.
> I mean, each and
> every individual have their tastes when it comes to
> style. Sadly, it
> seems that the "gangsta" look is the style that
> suits their taste best.
> >
> >
> > "Change, change the form of man.
> > Free the prince forever damned.
> > Free the might from fleshy mire.
> > Boil the blood in heart of fire.
> > Gone, gone the form of man,
> > and rise the demon Etrigan."

Reaction to Pinoy wannabes who try to act/dress like "gangstas"

From: "luna_mahican"
Date: Sun Aug 28, 2005 11:00 am
Subject: Re: Filipinos who dress/act like East LA Blacks or "Cholo"
Gangbangers are PATHETIC luna_mahican
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Hello :)

Sadly, it's not just in the US that this
ridiculous thing is happening: "gangsta"
Filipinos (guys AND girls, mind you) litter the
malls and select sidewalks here in Manila.
These characters can be found in places like
Megamall or SM North EDSA with their bandannas
and/or double caps (each one worn in a different
way to face a different direction),
their silver dog chains, baggy pants, and over-
sized basketball jerseys
(I'm starting to notice, by the way, that
they swarm out every Sunday). And yes, I agree,
it IS pathetic.

And believe it or not, in my old church as the
sunday service was going on one would find these
individuals playing hoops at the church's
basketball court, with their irritating
"Yyyiiiiiiiaaaah buuuuuuuuuuooy!"s reaching
the inside of the sanctuary.

The media isn't helping, with the music
industry putting out artists emulating the
American hip-hop artists. It's bad enough that
Filipinos are starting to imitate artists like
Ja Rule, Tu Pac, and even those hip-hop/boyband
groups whose names I did not care to find
out; there are now these newbies in the
Filipino music scene that are actually doing
the same thing. It's one thing to imitate these
American artists in your own backyard with your
own friends; it's another to do this in front
of the camera, with millions of Filipinos watching.
It's shameful, it's degrading, it's and it's

One has to ask, though, why this is happening.
This "epidemic" is fast spreading in the Filipino
youth, and fast. Why do these teenagers try and
adopt another culture, and do it with incredible
zeal? Is it due to their shame, rejection of,
and/or ignorance towards their own culture,
or is it because of their inability to find it?
Maybe this is me just blabbing, but I'm beginning to
suspect that these kids are doing this because
they want to be defined as a generation. And in
a society that, whether we admit it or not, is
slowly succumbing to foreign influences, one cannot blame
them at the end of the day for going down the same path.

But yes, I still think these individuals must be stopped.
Hehehehe. If not for the sake of culture,
then for those people who just cannot stand them.

Filipinos dressing like East L.A. Blacks or "Cholo" Gangbangers are PATHETIC

Filipinos dressing like East L.A. Blacks or "Cholo" Gangbangers are
We need to eradicate this menace.

The Fil-Am community enjoys economic
prosperity and respect here in
the U.S. However, there are idiots who
try to emulate ghetto subcultures (they speak and dress
like either East L.A. African-Americans or "Cholo"
gangbangers) that taint our reputation with their
unpleasant appearances and manifestations of stupidity
(whether in the form of their terrible speech or writing
liKe tHiS).

It seems to me that these people who are ignorant of
their cultural identity or have low self-esteem try to
latch on to another sub-culture hoping to feel confident
that they would be perceived to have the traits of
certain groups of people even if they are dysfunctional.

I remember seeing a group of these morons at the
Universal City walk trying to look, talk and act tough
as they walked around in their loose clothing, bandanas
and faux "yo-dawg" gangsta wannabe talk. Then when they
came across a directory map, one of the nincompoops slammed
it really hard with his hand as the others cheered on as if
they have done something really cool and let the world know
how tough they are. Suddenly, two Universal City Walk
security personnel as big as gorillas approached and
confronted them and suddenly, they were what we call in
Tagalog "namumutla sa sindak".

Another time, I was in Seafood City (a Filipino supermarket)
when the Pinoy wannabe gangstas suddenly ran inside the store
and looked like they were taking refuge. I was wondering why
and asked one of the "manongs" working in Seafood City for
the scoop about all the commotion. He said that a bunch of
Vietnamese guys who got pissed off by the Pinoy gangsta
wannabes pulled up into the parking lot and pointed guns at
them. This made the morons run like crazy into the
store and pathetically hide behind the "patis" bottles.
Maybe they planned to throw patis at the "V.C" if ever
they ran into the store with their AKs and Berrettas to
mow them down like the cowards they really are.
I wonder what they would do if one of their members gets
peppered with bullets or have their necks slashed? For
sure they would go home to their mommies and suck on her
black nipples while crying uncontrollably.

There was also one time in a popular restaurant in
Alhambra, me and my ex-highschool classmates had a
little dinner and since it's after work, we were all
dressed decently. On one table is a loud and rambunctious
Filipino "gang" (dressed in all their "gangsta" glory)
who kept pointing/staring at us and we (being former
Fraternity members and/or troublemakers when we were
young and foolish) all knew the telltale signs that
these guys were looking for trouble and they're gonna
start it by picking on us "decent looking" folks.

What they don't know is that we, the decent looking
folks could ram broken pieces of plates and beer
bottles down their anatomies before they could even
run cry "mommy" should they choose to start trouble.
They kept staring, pointing and laughing but we just
kept on our good conversations (though by eye contact
we already communicated silently that we were gonna
do the broken plates, beer bottles, knives and chairs
routine should trouble begin).

We were getting a bit irritated so I said (and made
it a point it would be heard) that "yung mga yan,
wala namang mga alam yan, hanggang bihis lang yan,
tayo marurunong tayo gumamit nito (held up a steak
knife), sila hanggang porma lang. My classmates
agreed and the staring stopped. They left the
restaurant and we were all disappointed that they
didn't start anything. It would have been a fun night.

Man, if you're a Pinoy in the states you should take
full advantage of your opportunities. You should act
decent and do the community proud. If some people are
gonna be a waste of time and just be here in the US
to speak, dress and act like a ghetto "gangsta",
then they should be sent back to "Tondo" where they
can really prove to themselves if they are really
tough gangsters or not.


1. Hindi natin masisisi ang mga kababayang ikinahihiya na ang Pilipino at ang Pilipinas. Isa lang ang dapat reaksiyon natin dito: ANG MAG-NAIS NG PAGBABAGO AT HINDI MAGING DEFENSIVE. Ang pangyayaring yun lang ang patunay na kailangan na talaga ng BAGONG LIPUNAN sa Pilipinas. Ang lipunan at kultura ng mga Pilipino ngayon ay nagdudulot lang ng KAHINAAN NG KARAKTER AT PAGKAPUROL NG UTAK ng nga Pilipino. Kailangan nang alisin ang mga kahinaan at baguhin ng husto ang kulturang maka-fiesta, maka-"party" at ang pagiging masyadong mahilig sa kasiyahan ng mga Pilipino. Dapat ay gayahin muna ng mga Pilipino ang mga Hapon na talagang nagbababad sa trabaho at seryoso sa kanilang mga gawain. Para sa Hapon,mas mahalaga pa ang kanilang Kumpanya kaysa kanilang pamilya. Ako ay ganun din. Dapat maging ganun din ang LAHAT NG MGA PILIPINO.

2. Kamay na bakal din dapat ang para sa mga Pilipino. Kapag may mga artistang nagpapakita ng mga kababuyan, pagiging "effeminate" (gaya nila Marvin Agustin o kahit sinong may mahahabang buhok at mahilig sumayaw) o kababawan sa mga tao, dapat sa kanila ay parusahan ng husto sa pamamagitan ng paghahataw ng YANTOK MINDORO ng mga Philippine Marines sa gitna ng kalsada. Dapat sa mga nagsasayaw ng otso otso o yung mga katulad ni April Boy Regino ay pagbababarilin ng machinegun at pasagasaan sa V-150 Armored Personnel Carrier sa EDSA upang hindi na sila tularan pa ng kabataan. Dapat ipagbawal ang mga sayaw at tugtugin na "rap" at "hip hop" at palitan ito ng mga marching drills at marching music ni John Phillip Sousa. Ang mga dance competition din dapat ay tanggalin at gawing fancy drills. Ang mga Beauty Contest naman ay dapat maging ng martial arts gaya ng ARNIS o Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

3. Ang Military Training ng mga kabataan kagaya ng ROTC at CAT ay dapat i-revive at lalo pang patindihin nang katulad sa Greek City State of Sparta noon. Ito ay para mawala ang pagiging "weak" ng mga kabataang Pilipino. Noong panahon namin, ang mga kabataan ay malalakas, malulusog, matatalino at kapaki-pakinabang. Kaya nga naman ang Pilipinas noon ay maunlad, pumapangalawa lang sa Japan. Wala pa kasi kaming mga Text Messaging noon na pati mga lalaki ay akala mo mga babaeng kangkarot kung makipaglandian at makipagpalitan ng mga jokes sa text. At minsan akala mo nangangalikot ng kulangot ang mga kabataan kahit saan ka pumunta. Nauso din ngayon ang salitang "gimik" kung saan ang mga kabataan ay pupunta ng Malate o mga lugar na tulad nun upang sirain ang kanilang mga katawan sa pamamagitan ng alak. Tapos sila ay pupunta ng disco upang magmukhang mga hinambalos na bangus sa pagsasayaw.

Ito ay mga unang hakbang tungo sa BAGONG LIPUNAN tungo sa KAUNLARAN ng PILIPINAS.

Very truly yours,


Philippine Passport in the Paper Shredder Ceremony. Very nice!

I just came back here to the U.S. from a visit to my Aunt's house in Canberra, Australia where we had a family reunion. We have no more immediate relatives in The Phillipines and a lot of our family members from all over the world congregated in my Aunt's house. The reunion was brought about because my aunt Maritess just got her Australian Passport and was ecstatic about it.

In the middle of the party, a ceremony was made wherein a paper shredder was positioned in the middle of the living room and Filipino newspaper article clippings were arranged on a table along with a Philippine Passport. It was quite solemn and fun at the same time. People were made to sing their national anthems. First was the US people who sang "Star Spangled Banner" (though some kids did it mockingly, they haven't been to The Philippines yet and can't understand). Not to be outdone, the Canadian Citizens/Residents sang "Oh Canada" at the top of their lungs! Then came some from the UK and New Zealand who sang their respective anthems.

When it came time to sing "Advance Australia Fair", people first read the articles on the Filipino newspapers and put them in the paper shredder after finishing each. People just shook her heads and breathed sighs of relief after hearing the articles' details, thankful that they left behind that country and the dogs that run it. It was very symbolic of the fact that we are people who deserve to be treated as people and to live dignified lives in countries that value human dignity. As the articles were shredded, "Waltzing Matilda" was playing in the background as lyrics of "Advance Australia Fair" were passed around to everyone. Then, when the last article was shredded, the Philippine Passport was handed to my Aunt and there was a prayer and a short speech, then the passport went into the shredder for it's complete obliteration as "Advance Australia Fair" was sung.

The melody and lyrics of "Advance Australia Fair" was as musical as the gears and blades that ground the passport to crosscut pieces. My aunt was in tears, thankful that she was now a citizen of a country composed of and governed by real human beings.

Ang ginawang yun ay simbulo ng pagkapunit ng lahat kabulukang ugali/kultura ng mga Pilipino. Ang pag "shred" ng Philippine Passport ay katulad na rin ng pag-shred kila Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Joseph Estrada (at mga botante niya), Mga artistang Pinoy, Mga Palabas sa TV na Pinoy, mga pelikulang Pinoy, mga nagtatapon ng basura kung saan-saan, mga tumatawid kung saan-saan, mga mahihilig sa party at fiesta, mga driver na walang disiplina, mga Pulis na gahaman sa lagay, mga politikong kawatan, mga nagtatrabaho na panay ang "yosi break" at paglalaro, mga "gimikero" at "gimikera" na hindi naman nakakaipon, mga natutuwa sa "otso otso" at "ispageti", mga nagte-text ng mga walang kapararakang jokes at pa-cute na messages, mga konyo, mga jologs, mga palasimba na ugaling aso pa rin, mga umaatras sa labanan kapag may hostage na (Angelo Dela Cruz Crisis).... at marami pang iba... at ang pagkakuha ng Australian passport ay simbulo ng bagong buhay at muling pagkapanganak sa isang bansang may katatagang dulot ng tibay ng loob at paninindigan.

Kayo Na Mga Piripino Ay Hanggang Ngayon Mahihina At Makasarili Pa Rin Ha! (July 2004)

By General Yamahasu Zukihonda of Pinoy Exchange

(Comment by General Madrigal: Tama ang mga sinasabi sa ibaba ng kapwa ko Heneral na si General Yamahasu Zukihonda ng Japanese Imperial Army)



BIRO NIYO, MULA PA NOON, SAKOP NA KAYO NG DAANG-DAANG TAON NG MGA KASTIRA. OO AT MAY MGA MATATAPANG DIN NA LUMABAN SA KANIRA PERO SA SOBRANG KAUNTI, 400 TAON KAYO NAGING ARIPIN. HA HA HA HA HA! Ano kraseng lahi ang magpapaaripin ng ganun katagal ng hindi man lang nagkaisang maghimagsik bilang iisang buong bayan? Lumusob nga pero paisa-isa naman kaya wala rin! HA HA HA! Piripino doromo HAI!

KUNG HINDI DAHIL SA MGA AMERIKANO NA NAGBIGAY NG ARMAS KILA AGUINALDO AY HINDI MATATARO ANG ESPANYA DAHIL ANG MGA PIRIPINO AY HINDI MARURUNONG MAGMANUFACTURE NG SARILING ARMAS. Mahihina taraga ang mga Piripino kaya tatawagin ko ang gusto mag Japayuki dito at aking sasamparin.. BAQUIERO! (SLAP!) HA HA HA!!! Ganito na rang dapat ang pagtrato sa inyong mga Piripino ngayon.

Tingnan niyo ngayon, kaming kumaraban ng GIYERA sa mga Amerikano at pumatay ng marami sa kanira ay mas nirerespeto nila kaysa sa inyo na hahalik-halik sa kanilang toombong pero hindi naman pala kayang panindigan! HA HA HA HA HA!!! Hindi katurad naming mga Japanese. Kaya naming panindigan kahit anong laban maging laban man sa Amerikano o Kamampi sila. Laban kung laban. YAN ANG WARA ANG MGA PIRIPINO. Paninindigan... kaya eto... etong piripino na ito na nasa Casa ng Yakuza ay sasamparin ko... BAAQUIERO! (SLAP!!!) Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Ganyan ang nababagay sa inyo na mga Piripino.

Noon nga panahon namin noong World War II ay marami sa inyong bayan ang pinasok namin at walang nagawa ang mga Piripino. Hinahangaan ko ang mga Gerilya na siyang pumatay sa mga marami kong tauhan pero kakaunti lang sila. Karamihan sa mga Piripino ay ngingiti-ngiti lang at tamad! HA HA HA!!! Ang USAFFE naman na doon lang kami talagang na-challenge ay inorganiza ng mga Amerikano. Hindi kaya ng mga Piripino namag organisa ng mga sarili nila.

KAyong mga Piripino ay ibang iba sa mga Moro. Huwag na huwag niyong insultohin at tawaging Pilipino ang mga Moro dahil hindi sila katulad niyo na nasakop ni Haring Philip ng Espanya. At ang Barong ay hindi nila sinusuot kundi isinasaksak nila sa mga Kastila. Sila ay parang mga Japanese din na mga Warrior Race. Hindi katurad ng mga Piripino na race of APPEASERS!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Mahiya kayo...

Har har har! Kawawang Piripinas. Ano lang ba ang pinagmamaraki ng Piripinas ngayon na kilala sila sa buong mundo? Si Rea Salonga? Mga Beauty Queen? Bayanihan Dancers? Fiesta Islands? Mga Choir? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! Ganun lang ang mga Piripino. Magagaring kumanta, magsayaw at magpaganda. Kaya kayo ay magagaling entertainer na lang, domestic helper at prustitutes.

Hindi katulad naming mga Hapon. Kilala kami sa buong mundo sa pamamagitan ng Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Acura, Sony, Sanyo at iba pa! Yan ay dahil kami ay warrior race katulad ng mga Moro (na hinding hindi Filipino at kinakahiya ang mga Filipino for good reason).

Kung ang mga Moro lang ay ibigay niyo ang Mindanao para na din silang Japan o Korea ngayon dahil may dangal sila tulad namin. Hindi katurad ng mga Piripino na sasabihin kay Bush na suporta suporta at yayakap yakap pa kay Bush pero kaunting threat lang binali na ang salita!!! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! Firipinos are a weak people everywhere. Nakakahiya. Mas gugustuhin pa namin ang mag HARA KIRI kaysa maging katurad niyong mga Piripino.

Ang rason niyo noon sa pagsari-sari sa Iraq ay para harikan ang toombong ni Bush at ang pag-aris niyo naman doon ay para harikan ang toombong ng terrorista. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! Yan ang mga rason ninyo. Hindi katurad namin, may iisang salita at hangarin para sa interes ng aming bansa.

Kahit mga Amerikano na matindi ang giyera namin noon ay mas respetado kami kaysa sa kahit sinong Piripino na sumisipsip pa sa kanila. Sabi nga ni Sarhento Jones na kapwa ko multo: "People give you more respect for kicking their b*tt than kissing it." HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!! Wara taraga kayong mga Piripino. Kahiya-hiya.


KBL Press Release: Showbiz Industry's Contribution to the Decay of the Peoples' Minds (July 2004)

By General Madrigal and Malou De Guzman.

Mga kababayan,

Minsan ay nag-shopping ako sa isang Filipino shopping center dito sa tinatawag ninyong sentro ng kapitalista at imperyalista (USA) nang makarining ako ng kakaibang musika na ganito ang tugtog: "ispageting pataas pataas ng pataas, ispageting pababa, pababa ng pababa" at inuulit ulit ito kahit na "ad nauseum" na.

Pinuntahan ko ang pinanggagalingan ng kakaibang musika na isang tindahan ng mga tape at CDng Pinoy at tinanong sa tindera: "Sinong kumakanta niyang kanta na yan?" at ang sabi niya sa akin: "Sir, ang sex bomb dancers ho. Sikat na sikat sa aten yan." Sabi ko, "ganun ba?" at napailing na lang.

Bumagabag ngayon sa aking kaisipan kung bakit ang isang kantang walang kakwenta-kwenta, walang kalatoy-latoy at walang katorya-torya ay patuloy na tinatangkilik ng mga mamamayang Pilipino.

Ganun na ba kalala ang kawalan ng talino at panlasa ng ating mga kababayan? Bakit nila patuloy na pinabababa ang lebel ng kanilang pag- iisip? Ito ba ay sumasalamin sa kakayahang pangsining (o kakulangan nito) ng ating lahi?

Isa lang pong halimbawa yan ng nagiging epekto ng pananamantala ng mga nasa industriyang "showbiz" sa murang isipan ng kabataan at tumataginting na kamangmangan ng masa.

Kung inyong titingnan o papanoorin ang mga palabas sa telebisyon ay makikita ninyo na ang mga palabas na tulad ng "Oki-doki-dok", "Yeah Right Whatever" (Colonial mentality gone bad? Pampatuwa sa mga konyo wannabes?), o "Wattamen" (Tangna anong klaseng pamagat yun? Pampatuwa sa mga bobo?), ay makikita ninyo na ang mga "jokes" nila ay napakababaw at estupido at nababase lang ang popularidad nito sa pagpapakita ng susu ng mga seksing babae, pang-aapi sa mga "pangit/bobo/may kapansanan" at pagpapacute ng mga artistang lalaki (kung matatawag nga silang lalaki kahit para silang mga babaeng haliparot kung umarte at mag ayos ng sarili).

Ang kayamanan ng ating bansa ay ang ating mga mamamayan at ang pangunahing humuhubog sa pagkatao nila ay ang kanilang pag-iisip at kultura. Ang kultura at pag iisip ay nahuhubog ng edukasyon at mabigat na naiimpluwensyahan ng sining.

Hindi natin maikakaila na ang tao ay nangangailangan ng aliw. The masses are susceptible to cheap entertainment because of their limited understanding and comprehension. The Showbiz Industry exploits this by using shallow humor, insipid scripts and producing shows that have little value other than being showcases of ugly/disabled/dumb people being kicked around by handsome hunks who are constantly fawned upon by vapid bimbos in bikinis.

Songs are made to have little profundity in their lyrics unless that little decagram of it comprises of cheap double-meaning sexual innuendos. The battlecry of the twisted-clown makers would be: "Pander to the ignorance of the masses! Feed the baboons their own lice! Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin let them listen to the music that comes easy so they can follow the crowd --- to drown in the depths of ignorance and have their souls plunged into the lowest recesses of Hades. And still, we shall be rich!"

Masses don't have true choices really. How many of them have access to Discovery Channel or HBO where quality shows are? After tired days at work they have nowhere to turn to but the tube. But primetime TV is inundated with the kind of rotten concepts that are being sunk into people's consciousness. Little girls would want to be the females that they see who are either vitriolic emotionalist drama queens or the classic bikinied dumbasses. Males meanwhile, would either be the slapsticked jesters who they think are cute or the hunks who are nothing more than faces and bodies that fade as time goes by.

Between intellect-nourishing books and garbage that is easy to digest, the masses would gravitate toward the latter and if it is garbage in, it is garbage out. All sectors are affected by this slow cancer. This disease that creeps in while many would choose to blind themselves and others in defense of the status quo. False pride and knee-jerk defense mechanisms that cloud minds to realities until they become too staggering to stop its dire consequences.

The Masa Vote and Meteor Garden Tomfoolery

Below is a snippet from the Inquirer containing the editorial titled "Adoring Aliens" by Isagani Cruz. It poignantly describes the intellectually bankrupting "showbiz mentality" that the people have. Imagine, if some foreign star can upstage the President of the Philippines in Malacanang itself, then it is no wonder that the likes of Erap or (perish the thought) FPJ can pull it off.

Have you seen the TV shows lately? Even little children are being made to imitate those "sex bomb" dancers. Shows are sprinked with doses of bikini clad bimbos who blurt out banalities. Lasciviousness isn't the only garbage Pinoy TV shows are inculcating into the minds of the people nowadays but extreme stupidity as well. Aren't you wondering why "comedy" shows like Arriba Arriba, Kaya ni Mister Kaya ni Misis, Tanging Ina , "Yeah Right Whatever" or Whattamen (stupid title to amuse morons) are still airing? I happen to be subjected to these shows whenever I eat in TFC-showing Pinoy restaurants here in the US and I can't help but observe how lame and stupid their scripts are. I thought to myself that any self- respecting human being wouldn't deliberately patronize such inspidities unless they're total imbeciles with brains going "otcho- otcho."

The fact that these kinds of shows flourish would make one deduce that a considerable number of our people have the intelligence of an average eggplant. Even the worst US shows like Jenny Jones or Jerry Springer would look like Emmy Award winners compared to those cretin pleasers. The low standards of entertainment these shows exhibit would be relfected in the continously lowering intellect of the Pinoy public.

Aren't you wondering why a growing number of professionals and decent thinking masses are leaving for other countries? Well, all you have to do is turn on the TV, surf the local channels and remember the old adage: "Life imitates art."

Have fun reading!

Adoring aliens

WHILE the nation teetered on the brink of a constitutional crisis over the impeachment case, President Macapagal-Arroyo took time off from her serious duties to extend an official welcome to the star of a Chinese TV show that had fascinated the bakya crowd, some prominent members of her Cabinet and other tasteless people.

As the Inquirer reported the other Friday, "Work stopped in Malaca�ang for nearly three hours yesterday as Cabinet officials and Palace employees and their children plus orphans, cancer victims, journalists and other star-struck fans turned up to give Jerry Yan, star of the popular chinovela 'Meteor Garden,' a welcome that was rather unprecedented. No, try 'frenzied.'" By-liner Juliet Labog- Javellana couldn't have put it better.

"Pandemonium broke loose in the hallowed Malaca�ang Ceremonial Hall," she continued, when the Chinese star appeared from the music room after his courtesy call on the President. Speaker Jose de Venecia's wife gushed as she waited with Ricky Reyes, the hairdresser, to personally greet the actor. "I like his dimples," she said of the actor, who was obviously overwhelmed by the unruly welcome of his fans. Notably, these included even the usually serious-minded Secretary Ignacio Bunye, whose camera clicked furiously.

The commotion caused by the crowd of admirers became uncontrollable, causing the actor to seek refuge in the state dining hall with La Gloria, who must have been displeased over being upstaged by the young foreigner. The fans wanted his autograph, not hers, to pose with him, not her. She got little attention from even the more mature people who were jostling with the younger fans to shake the hands of the Chinese actor.

This tomfoolery happened (just to stress the point) in Malaca�ang, the Palace of the people and the official residence of the President of the Philippines. The orgy of adoration by teenagers and adults alike was not for a deserving citizen or a distinguished foreigner but for a young television star of a what is now locally known as a chinovela. It would have been understandable if it had happened in the premises of ABS-CBN as sponsors of "Meteor Garden." With no less than our chief executive as unofficial barker, the Republic became an unwitting promoter of the so-so show.

What's with the Filipino people? Why are we so enamored of foreign actors as if they were habitu�s of some exclusive planet with distinctive attractions denied ordinary mortals like us?

Our ludicrous regard for Hollywood stars has become practically a way of life with many of us. Except for the level-headed, everybody wanted to look like Marilyn Monroe or John Wayne, to be replaced now by Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt. There was much excitement when Elizabeth Taylor came for a visit and Naomi Campbell, another guest, was annoyed by the way her imitators fawned upon her.

And do you remember the phenomenon of Thalia, the beautiful actress from Mexico who captivated the television audience some years ago? She had a stunning face and figure like many of her colleagues in the foreign entertainment world, and many of her Filipino admirers embraced her vicariously as another temptress from the Caucasian race.

But now we have Yan, an Oriental like us, who is mesmerizing many of our people as if he were also from an unattainable realm where only beautiful people from the Americas and Europe dwell in splendor. They are there to enthrall with their distant charms the gaping hewers of wood and drawers of water from the primitive continent of Asia.

What must have possessed Ms Macapagal, with all the serious problems whirling around her, to receive the Chinese non-entity in Malaca�ang? Many of our people from various groups and places in our country are anxious to discuss their problems with the President and ask for her assistance in solving them. But the doors of the Palace have not opened for them as they graciously did for the tousled alien guest.

Our people have more claim to her personal attention than a foreign entertainer whose only accomplishment is to exploit the vulgar tastes of the bakya crowd. By making a big production of Yan's courtesy call on her, President Macapagal was probably hoping that some of the lad's appeal would brush off on her and make her more acceptable to the unthinking fans who regard our tinsel entertainers as the saviors of the nation.

It's bad enough that television clowns like Tito Sotto and basketball roughnecks like Robert Jaworski have been allowed to debase the Senate, and Fernando Poe Jr., Da King of Philippine Movies, threatens to invade Malaca�ang with his make-believe machismo and not much else. At least they are Filipinos to whom we may offer our affection erroneously, even slavishly. It's not so bad to be beguiled by our own countrymen as to be mindlessly enchanted by vacuous foreigners.

The exaggerated welcome extended by Malaca�ang to Jerry Yan betrays once again our often gawking adoration of the alien. Instead of giving the Chinese actor her cloying reception, President Macapagal should have exhibited a more judicious sense of values befitting the national pride and deportment of the self-respecting Filipino.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Department of Tourism Employees Should be FIRED

If they have any more shame, these lousy and shabbybastards should quit their posts.

Let Gordon Prevail








I think it would be great to teach these DOT employees that nobody is indispensable. A lot of people are looking for jobs. Younger, smarter and more savvy than those old dumb looking gomers I've seen on TV.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"
--Albert Einstein

Go Gordon!

Monday, July 04, 2005



Please forward these to people who believe in the Supernatural. This is for the benefit of our society. The New Society.

Walang katotohanan ang mga nagke-claim na nakakita sila ng mga supernatural beings. Ayon sa isang aral ni Father John D' Silva at Fr. Leo Baldwin, Yung mga madalas mapagkamalang Tikbalang (Kabayo, Kalabaw), Kapre sa malaking puno (Mga anino ng puno na minsa'y nagkokorteng tao dahil sa imahinasyong nabubuo), dwende (Pusa, daga, tuta, maliliit na hayop), multo (guniguni, imahinasyong dulot ng mga kuwentong kababalaghan, kurtina, kumot, sinampay) ay yaong pinagmulan ng mga "nakakita" diumano ng kakaibang nilalang.

Take note that most occurences of supernatural sightings occur in the night or in places with poor lighting (such as Balete Drive or a "Haunted House") so people tend to form images in their mind due to visual inaccuracy of moving objects, in tandem with a stimulus such as a ghost story. If you watched "MAGANDANG GABI BAYAN" you will also note that the word "parang" (tagalog for "apparent") is used more frequently in the interviews with those who sighted ghosts or aswangs. It means they are not entirely sure that they really saw a ghost or any of those nonsense. Optical illusions at wild imaginations lang baga.

Yung psychological aspect naman, ang mga nagkukuwento na nakakita ng multo ay either may guni guni dulot ng pakikinig sa kuwentong kababalaghan (horror stories) o di kaya ay dahil sa pagkukuwento na may multo ay dulot ng pag "Bibida" o kaya gusto maging bida sa kuwentuhan kaya nagkukuwento na may nakita daw na multo. Dreams can also be mistaken for reality. Isa pa, ito ay nakagawiang gamitin ng mga magulang na "Panakot" sa mga anak upang hindi lumabas ng bahay o kaya matulog ng maaga ("O wag ka lalabas, may aswang diyan"). With all these stimuli in people's minds; unusual image formations (See: Gestalt Psychology) or sounds due to natural causes are / can be attributed to "Supernatural" causes even though it is false. Di ba? Isa pang aspeto niyan, ay ginagawang negosyo yan ng mga ESPIRITISTA na niloloko ang taumbayan. Marami pa po.

Saturday, June 04, 2005



Please forward these to the people you know might be fooled by these "Born Again" or "Charismatics".

Ako po ay isang Katoliko, Naimbitahan ako minsan ng mga pentecostal sa kanilang gawain. Nag-speaking in tongues sila, at isa sa mga sinabi ay "Hurabashi Harabakakakaka Abudabudabuda". Tinandaan ko ito. Pero noong ikinonsulta ko sa mga language experts sa opisina namin sa Makati, wala daw ito sa kahit anong lenguwahe sa mundo.

Di ba noong pentecost, ang mga Apostoles ay nakapagsalita ng mga lenguwahe sa mundo (Mandarin, Hapon, Bisaya, German etc....) Pero ang "Hurabashi Harabakakakaka Abudabudabuda" ay walang katumbas na lenguwahe. Ano ang explanasyon nitong mga nagspea-speaking in tongues? Symptoms kaya ito ng "the emperor's new clothes" syndrome? Ang sabi kasi ng pastor nila, yung lang mga "sincere na tumanggap sa diyos" ang makapag speaking in tongues.

Hindi kaya gumagawa-gawa yung mga miyembro ng mga sali-salitaan at nagkukunwang nagspi-speaking in tongues para lang huwag masabi ng mga kapuwa miyembro o pastor na wala silang faith? At wala lang maglakas ng loob na magsabi na hindi naman talaga sila nakararamdam ng "possession of the Holy Ghost" (kaya kunyari, nagspi-speaking kuno in tongues na lang sila, 'sumasakay' baga para kunyari 'napupuspos')?

Isa pa ay nakakakita daw sila ng mga anghel. Ang explanation ko naman dito, ay kapag ang isa sa kanila ay nagkuwento o nagbibida na nakakita (daw) siya ng anghel (mostly mga pastor ang nagsasabi nito. Note: The Pastor benefits from donations and this is a great gimmick to lure members), yung mga iba, mahihiya na magsabi na hindi sila nakakita ng anghel.

Kaya kahit di naman talaga nakakita, sasabihin may nakita daw (complete with description, at yung mga pa-bida effect, nakausap pa daw ng holy ghost kuno kuno) kahit gawa-gawa lang para sabihin eh "pure in spirit" sila. Yung mga familiar sa istoryang "The Emperor's New Clothes" ay makaka-relate dito sa description ko sa mga pentecostal. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Attention: Martin Nievera

By Herbert Valero, edited by Malou De Guzman


I was invited to lunch at a friend's house yesterday and had a great meal. I was so full that I decided to rest for a while by watching TV. And as in every Filipino's home, TFC is surely to be the channel to watch. I like TFC most of the time because it brings you back home, plus it has very informative shows like Assignment, The Correspondents, Magandang Gabi Bayan, Balitang K, ASYM, The Global Filipino among others.

So after enjoying an episode of "Assignment" by Teddy Boy Locsin, I watched two more shows I also enjoy, MTB and Martin Late at Night.


I will first comment on Martin Late at Night. Usually I also enjoy this show and Martin's Guests like great singers and bands, but last Friday's episode was one that I disliked. It tackled Tattooing and Body Piercing which is fast becoming a fad among our vulnerable and malleable youth. I wondered why a show as popular as this is helping in propagating this absurd practice among our teen-agers today. It opened the show with a man operating a vibrating needle-like gadget to embed a tattoo on a guy's shoulder.

He then interviewed this man and it was the most B-ooooring interview I've ever seen on Martin Late at Night. The person being interviewed was so lame. Like when Martin asked the guy why he had his first tattoo. Then he answered that it was to prove his love for the lady he is courting. It makes the girl look like a total nincompoop that just because some freak of nature has a tattoo bearing her name, then he loves her truly. I didn't even care to listen to the other parts of the interview. So parents, if you find your kids wasting their allowances on having a dragon or some garbage they claim as art tattooed on who knows where, maybe he just saw it on our good friend Martin's show.

Next came the body piercers. Pardon my language, but I have never seen a most idiotic bunch of morons than those who dared to show their unpleasant faces on TV last Friday night. I took special notice on this guy with brown streaks of long hair in a pony tail (to match a pony face) with earrings on every part of his ugly face. He has I think more than five on each ear, five on each eyebrow, some on the tongue and another on the lower lip. He even dared to bare his stinking skeletal chest to show the whole world how stupid he looks by having an earring on his nipples. Now that's really smart. Does he do that to look stupid? I guess he not only looks stupid. He IS stupid.

The other people in the bunch are all the same. There was one guy who looks so ugly he can be a modern art masterpiece. He even had himself "branded" with a hot metal stamp like the animal that he is. They look so thin, long haired, bad smelling and moronic you'll think they have marijuana for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I really hope shows would stop featuring these abnormal way of the "KSPs" to avoid influencing most of our youth who are, as I've said, malleable and vulnerable.


I also enjoy this show and find it highly entertaining. I only want to comment on Randy Santiago's interview with one "Munting Miss U" contestant last Friday. Prior to the interview, the cute little girl did a dance number that was fun to watch. Randy Santiago then asked "Saan ka natuto magsayaw?" The girl answered "Sa Mommy Ko po" then Randy, wanting to be funny in an obscene way said "Saan natuto sumayaw ang mommy mo, sa 6-9-0 ba o sa Adonis?". Oh my God. I just shook my head in disbelief.

There are thousands of kids watching that show that could have asked "Mommy/Daddy/Yaya, ano po yung Adonis? Ano po yung 6-9-0? Puwede ba ako matuto sumayaw doon?". Did Randy Santiago even think about this before opening his filthy sewer? Better watch your mouths next time you manging morons.


I really enjoyed this episode of Martin Late at Night that featured the father and daughter tandem of Senator Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan and his daughter Kookie.

We all know Gringo Honasan who led the coup attempts against the Aquino government during that time. He is an idealistic person with sincere intentions of instigating reforms in the Armed Forces.

Kookie is very articulate and I can see she can can be a good Marketing Executive in the future. Congratulations Lt. Col. Honasan for breeding such a smart kid. You can count me as one of her fans.