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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Stupid Armida

Pardon me for the title. It is the only word I could think of to describe this walking and talking menace to our society who is ridiculously in the government.

If you would notice, the Filipino movies nowadays are nothing but a heap of rotten and smelly garbage that even Smoky Mountain would pale in comparison to them. These movies are thrust down the throats of the masses molding their gullible minds into accepting this rubbish as art and entertainment.

I was watching the news the other day where the three Bold Stars Ara Mina, Priscilla Almeda, and Ina Raymundo sat in front of the Senate with Peque Gallaga and Armida Siguion Reyna. And those people thought they were smart and sounded smart with their smart aleck supposed words of wisdom and false analogies.

Priscilla Almeda made a scripted statement in English (with matching obviously phony American accent) that those who are criticizing them are "casting stones" because they "have not sinned". Well, maybe she was trying hard to look smart, although obviously a girl who does the thing she does have brains the size of a peanut. And the analogy isn't even correct, it is without any logic at all. Because she was referring to herself. Did Mary Magdalene say those words to defend herself? No! It was not the sinner who talked that way but the savior, Jesus Christ. And after that, Mary Magdalene changed because she knew her act as unjustifiable. And here is this Priscilla Almeda justifying here act without any remorse or resolve to sin no more using the very same verse. Bold stars should not make use of Bible Verses. (Di ka ba kinikilabutan diyan Peanut Brain?)

And this Armida Siguion Reyna who I can remember mentioning that the Filipino Movies shown today are being criticized but the Hollywood Classics "Schindler's List" and "Shakespeare in Love" have been deemed O. K.

Now this is one for the books. Can you compare Schindler's List to "Talong?". The parts where there are nudity in Schindler's List are of people in Concentration Camps and Gas Chambers. And the Audience will not remember any Love, Pumping or nude scenes because they will remember the story of Compassion, Kindness, Generosity and Sacrifice (which are lacking in the value-less Philippine Movie culture). In Shakespeare in Love they will learn to appreciate the classics of history's greatest playwright. The scenes there are not obscene and are not the main emphasis.

Unlike in "Talong" or "Warat" where the main emphasis is on the love scenes and a crudely mocked up story is in place to disguise it's Triple-X nature. This is cheating the Filipino People. This is taking advantage of the masses and the gullible youth who they know will flock to their movies like fireflies toward a burning flame.

Idiots like Armida have no place in the Government. And the showbiz industry of the Philippines is just a collection of lousy garbage more filthy than the sewres of Pasay. I am really sorry to say. You can just count in your fingers the real artists in the Industry.

In fact this year, the only real movie I've seen is Jose Rizal.

Have a nice day and till the next issue.


I can even remember Armida saying that in the movie "Independence Day" she said "you have to leave your brains out of the cinema"... Well as far as I can remember, Independence day was about pride in one's country, overcoming obstacles no matter how impossible. This is the value Filipinos should learn. (Not just making women look like pieces of flesh). Our culture has many negative aspects we need to change. Or else, we can never prosper.


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