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Friday, February 04, 2005

Comedy Shows: they think it's cute?

Issue Number Two
Comedy Shows: they think it's cute?

By Emmanuel Diwa

I live in a boarding house where all of us share one Television Set. So, after a hectic and active day at work, we all gather like happy campers around a fireplace in front of the set. Being in another country, we are kept in touch with Philippine events (and unfortunately, Philippine Showbiz) by the cable provider TFC or "The Filipino Channel". So we have really no choice. Other channels show either Indian or Arabic shows so TFC is the only channel that we can watch. So what the heck, I'm tired and I want to be entertained in a language I'll understand so on with watching.

We turned on the set and on the air was a lousy comedy show called Oki Doki Dok. The script is really so pathetic and the jokes have the depth of a parking lot puddle. I wonder why these kind of shows even existed after one month. Is this the entertainment Filipinos deserve? Especially us in the global community? I was reluctant to buy my own private T. V. and TFC subscription for my room because of garbage shows like these.

Take for example in Oki Doki Doc, there is a kid there who speaks in murdered english grammar just to try hard to be funny. And the canned laughter is played everytime she does her extremely stupid thing. I really find it insulting the intelligence of the Filipino. Bobo na nga ang masa, lalo niyo pang gagawing bobo. They will think that murdering the English Language is cute and funny. It's not even funny, it's corny. It's the tackiest idea anyone can ever think of.

Ask the masses why they would watch the show, they will reply: "Ang guwapo kasi ni Doc Aga" . Same reason they voted Erap to the presidency?

As we were watching the show, one of us said " Ang batang ito na nag-ca-carabao English dapat sunugin ng buhay" . Well, I shouldn't agree with that but to tell you honestly, I felt like doing that too. Burn her along with the scriptwriters and cast. Sobrang Corny talaga ng show ninyo. Dinadaan lang sa mga pagpapa-cute ng cast. Another show is "Kaya ni Mister Kaya ni Misis" . To all the companies out there: Why sponsor these very stupid shows? Di ba kayo naiinsulto sa mga script nito? There are other shows out there that are more deserving.

The masses are really ruined and continuously being fed garbage they are duped into believing as entertainment. Pa bobo na ng pa bobo ang masa. Kaya marami na ang umaalis ng Pilipinas at marami na ang ayaw tumira diyan pero no choice.

Showbiz can't deny the fact that they are part in shaping the mind of the masses. Lalo na yung masang tanga. If you're gonna keep on feeding them "sampalan", "sigawan", "over-O.A. na mga action scenes", corny comedy skits, pathetic Carabao English speaking kids, Judy Ann Santos and her pig sized arms, the shabby "adik" looking Wowie, Chuvachuchu, Fruitcake Girls, Bold stars and a million other things.... then the masses will remain stupid. And stupidity breeds poverty.

God bless and till the next issue.

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