Bagong Lipunan

Friday, March 04, 2005

General Alfredo Lim

By Emmanuel Diwa and General Madrigal

I watched the news on TFC in my friend's house and saw the usual news about the Philippines. What caught my attention was the spray painting campaign being carried out by General Alfredo Lim against drug dealers in the community. The other mayors following suit, sought and implemented similarly themed programs which are unorthodox methods, in dealing with this unorthodox problem. But wait! There are some people opposed to these methods. You would ask yourself "why the heck?".

I really don't know why these so called "human rights" protectors are so valiant in trying to prevent our people from doing their job that would get us results. Why do they need to waste their time and saliva meddling in police work? They complain that General Lim violates the rights of the drug pushers by spray painting warning signs on their houses indicating they are drug dealers or pushers. Well, Lim already explained that those people are already known by the police to be what they mark them to be.

If a person approaches you and tries to sell you marijuana in school, is he a drug pusher or not? A normal thinking person will say yes, and in his mind, remember the person a drug dealer so as to avoid him in the future..... while a human rights hypocrite would say "no, he isn't convicted in court yet"..... Well, never underestimate the stupidity of some people.

That's why the police need to inform the public who is a drug dealer so that the children and other members of the community would know whom to avoid and where not to go. That's the purpose of Lim's spray paint campaign. The effort of Mayor Bayani Fernando, which marks an area as infested by drug dealers is also commendable. In fact, I saw on TV a shabby looking long haired punk who got caught in Mayor Fernando's city. That's getting results.

Will all the human rights hullaballoo save the life of the next Vizconde? Will it be able to stop a drug crazed hold upper from taking a person's hard earned money? Why don't they protest the NPA's abduction of Engineers and Priests? Are they IDIOTS? Well, I don't think we have to ask that question. They ARE idiots. The drug menace in our society has already reached an alarming rate, those drastic measures are already needed to curb this.

What we need are strong people like GENERAL ALFREDO LIM and ENGINEER BAYANI FERNANDO.

We do not need Human Rights kuno people who are eggless crybaby men and matrona KSP women .