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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Attention: Martin Nievera

By Herbert Valero, edited by Malou De Guzman


I was invited to lunch at a friend's house yesterday and had a great meal. I was so full that I decided to rest for a while by watching TV. And as in every Filipino's home, TFC is surely to be the channel to watch. I like TFC most of the time because it brings you back home, plus it has very informative shows like Assignment, The Correspondents, Magandang Gabi Bayan, Balitang K, ASYM, The Global Filipino among others.

So after enjoying an episode of "Assignment" by Teddy Boy Locsin, I watched two more shows I also enjoy, MTB and Martin Late at Night.


I will first comment on Martin Late at Night. Usually I also enjoy this show and Martin's Guests like great singers and bands, but last Friday's episode was one that I disliked. It tackled Tattooing and Body Piercing which is fast becoming a fad among our vulnerable and malleable youth. I wondered why a show as popular as this is helping in propagating this absurd practice among our teen-agers today. It opened the show with a man operating a vibrating needle-like gadget to embed a tattoo on a guy's shoulder.

He then interviewed this man and it was the most B-ooooring interview I've ever seen on Martin Late at Night. The person being interviewed was so lame. Like when Martin asked the guy why he had his first tattoo. Then he answered that it was to prove his love for the lady he is courting. It makes the girl look like a total nincompoop that just because some freak of nature has a tattoo bearing her name, then he loves her truly. I didn't even care to listen to the other parts of the interview. So parents, if you find your kids wasting their allowances on having a dragon or some garbage they claim as art tattooed on who knows where, maybe he just saw it on our good friend Martin's show.

Next came the body piercers. Pardon my language, but I have never seen a most idiotic bunch of morons than those who dared to show their unpleasant faces on TV last Friday night. I took special notice on this guy with brown streaks of long hair in a pony tail (to match a pony face) with earrings on every part of his ugly face. He has I think more than five on each ear, five on each eyebrow, some on the tongue and another on the lower lip. He even dared to bare his stinking skeletal chest to show the whole world how stupid he looks by having an earring on his nipples. Now that's really smart. Does he do that to look stupid? I guess he not only looks stupid. He IS stupid.

The other people in the bunch are all the same. There was one guy who looks so ugly he can be a modern art masterpiece. He even had himself "branded" with a hot metal stamp like the animal that he is. They look so thin, long haired, bad smelling and moronic you'll think they have marijuana for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I really hope shows would stop featuring these abnormal way of the "KSPs" to avoid influencing most of our youth who are, as I've said, malleable and vulnerable.


I also enjoy this show and find it highly entertaining. I only want to comment on Randy Santiago's interview with one "Munting Miss U" contestant last Friday. Prior to the interview, the cute little girl did a dance number that was fun to watch. Randy Santiago then asked "Saan ka natuto magsayaw?" The girl answered "Sa Mommy Ko po" then Randy, wanting to be funny in an obscene way said "Saan natuto sumayaw ang mommy mo, sa 6-9-0 ba o sa Adonis?". Oh my God. I just shook my head in disbelief.

There are thousands of kids watching that show that could have asked "Mommy/Daddy/Yaya, ano po yung Adonis? Ano po yung 6-9-0? Puwede ba ako matuto sumayaw doon?". Did Randy Santiago even think about this before opening his filthy sewer? Better watch your mouths next time you manging morons.


I really enjoyed this episode of Martin Late at Night that featured the father and daughter tandem of Senator Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan and his daughter Kookie.

We all know Gringo Honasan who led the coup attempts against the Aquino government during that time. He is an idealistic person with sincere intentions of instigating reforms in the Armed Forces.

Kookie is very articulate and I can see she can can be a good Marketing Executive in the future. Congratulations Lt. Col. Honasan for breeding such a smart kid. You can count me as one of her fans.


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