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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Filipinos dressing like East L.A. Blacks or "Cholo" Gangbangers are PATHETIC

Filipinos dressing like East L.A. Blacks or "Cholo" Gangbangers are
We need to eradicate this menace.

The Fil-Am community enjoys economic
prosperity and respect here in
the U.S. However, there are idiots who
try to emulate ghetto subcultures (they speak and dress
like either East L.A. African-Americans or "Cholo"
gangbangers) that taint our reputation with their
unpleasant appearances and manifestations of stupidity
(whether in the form of their terrible speech or writing
liKe tHiS).

It seems to me that these people who are ignorant of
their cultural identity or have low self-esteem try to
latch on to another sub-culture hoping to feel confident
that they would be perceived to have the traits of
certain groups of people even if they are dysfunctional.

I remember seeing a group of these morons at the
Universal City walk trying to look, talk and act tough
as they walked around in their loose clothing, bandanas
and faux "yo-dawg" gangsta wannabe talk. Then when they
came across a directory map, one of the nincompoops slammed
it really hard with his hand as the others cheered on as if
they have done something really cool and let the world know
how tough they are. Suddenly, two Universal City Walk
security personnel as big as gorillas approached and
confronted them and suddenly, they were what we call in
Tagalog "namumutla sa sindak".

Another time, I was in Seafood City (a Filipino supermarket)
when the Pinoy wannabe gangstas suddenly ran inside the store
and looked like they were taking refuge. I was wondering why
and asked one of the "manongs" working in Seafood City for
the scoop about all the commotion. He said that a bunch of
Vietnamese guys who got pissed off by the Pinoy gangsta
wannabes pulled up into the parking lot and pointed guns at
them. This made the morons run like crazy into the
store and pathetically hide behind the "patis" bottles.
Maybe they planned to throw patis at the "V.C" if ever
they ran into the store with their AKs and Berrettas to
mow them down like the cowards they really are.
I wonder what they would do if one of their members gets
peppered with bullets or have their necks slashed? For
sure they would go home to their mommies and suck on her
black nipples while crying uncontrollably.

There was also one time in a popular restaurant in
Alhambra, me and my ex-highschool classmates had a
little dinner and since it's after work, we were all
dressed decently. On one table is a loud and rambunctious
Filipino "gang" (dressed in all their "gangsta" glory)
who kept pointing/staring at us and we (being former
Fraternity members and/or troublemakers when we were
young and foolish) all knew the telltale signs that
these guys were looking for trouble and they're gonna
start it by picking on us "decent looking" folks.

What they don't know is that we, the decent looking
folks could ram broken pieces of plates and beer
bottles down their anatomies before they could even
run cry "mommy" should they choose to start trouble.
They kept staring, pointing and laughing but we just
kept on our good conversations (though by eye contact
we already communicated silently that we were gonna
do the broken plates, beer bottles, knives and chairs
routine should trouble begin).

We were getting a bit irritated so I said (and made
it a point it would be heard) that "yung mga yan,
wala namang mga alam yan, hanggang bihis lang yan,
tayo marurunong tayo gumamit nito (held up a steak
knife), sila hanggang porma lang. My classmates
agreed and the staring stopped. They left the
restaurant and we were all disappointed that they
didn't start anything. It would have been a fun night.

Man, if you're a Pinoy in the states you should take
full advantage of your opportunities. You should act
decent and do the community proud. If some people are
gonna be a waste of time and just be here in the US
to speak, dress and act like a ghetto "gangsta",
then they should be sent back to "Tondo" where they
can really prove to themselves if they are really
tough gangsters or not.


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