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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Martial Law is good for the Filipino Youth (a conversation)


Thank you for visiting my website ...
I have not updated it in a long time.
The Filipinos really need something like Martial Law
to get them in line. Hindi na uubra ang
palambot-lambot. Dapat masanay ang mga
Pilipino sa kamay na bakal at
ka-ruthlessan dahil ito lang ang
magpapatino sa kanila at magpapalakas
mentally, physically and spiritually.

Filipinos of the next generations should be
raised like the Spartan children of Ancient Greece.
Yun lang talaga ang way para magkaroon ng
BAGONG LIPUNAN ang mga Pilipino.
The youth today are weak and are too
fun-loving. The words "gimik", "barkada"
and "tambay" are very popular among them and
they use those very loosely. They also do stupid things
like text message jokes, "cute" graphics, mushy words and other
inanities on their cel phones.

Ang Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) ay tama ang
layunin na baguhin ang kultura ng mga Pilipino.
Sabi, dahil daw sa mga mananakop kaya
nagkaroon ng mga maling mentalidad ang mga Pilipino.
Ang sa akin lang, kung sa simula pa lang ay tama na
ang mentalidad ng mga Pilipino, ay hindi tayo
masasakop ng mga dayuhan. Kaya nasakop ang mga
Pilipino ay dahil sa kakulangan sa kaalamang
industriyal na dulot na rin ng kulturang kulang
sa kamay na bakal. Industrial societies like Spain,
Japan and the US invaded the Phils because
Filipinos are not willing to industrialize
themselves. Industrial people require themselves to
be subjected to harsh treatment so they can work hard.

Filipinos would be under perpetual subjugation
if the youth does not become strong and continue
to succumb to fads, fashion, "happenings"
and all these stupidities and banalities.
If only Martial Law can be implemented then
all the Children would undergo intense Military
Training (even more intense and not corrupt like
the mild ROTC and CAT programs) and those who
choose to behave like idiots would be punished.

Imagine, youths marching to school and back to
the barracks every day (to the tune of flutes
and drums playing Military music) in their
white shirts, garrison belts, clean cuts,
polished shoes and black pants instead of
hanging around in the malls, smoking weed, playing
video games, dancing, hanging out wearing loose
clothing, caps facing different directions,
long hair (or cornrows), jackets in 90 degree
heat and walking like they just had their
balls blown off by a shotgun.

Pseudo-artists like April Boy Regino,
Renz Verano, the writers of shows like
Oki doki doc, OK Fine Whatever and Wattamen
and the Sex Bomb Dancers would be executed
for corrupting a very valuable asset -
the minds of the youth.

Also, dance contests, beauty contests, singing
contests would be discouraged because the youth
should focus more on developing their Math,
English and Computer skills rather than trying to
look like bimbos. Instead of beauty contests
there would be Math competitions, instead of
dance contests would be computer programming
contests and instead of singing contests,
there should be boxing competitions for the men,
and Tae Kwon Do competitions for the women.
Videoke, the tool that is being used for noise
pollution, applauding of untalented "friends"
and drunken escapism should be banned and
replaced with video documentaries showing Science
and History.

I really hope that someday we can achieve this
SOCIETY composed of strong and smart youth rather
than the fun-loving, fiesta-oriented sons of
bitches that we have today.


General Johnny Madrigal (Retired)

--- hazel vee <hazelvee@...> wrote:

> to genmadrigal,
> in your own word " those kids"...... if i am so
> disturbed and concerned about the future of those
> kids, wouldn't it be better for me to go and find
> who the parents are and have a discussion with them
> about my concern?.....don't you think it is a bit
> harsh to "pepper them with bullets or slash their
> necks"? they are only words but they are as
> violent......
> as a female who brought up boys on my own, all i
> know is that dicipline and values are taught from
> infancy.....i am proud that i had the abilty to be
> so tough and yet gentle with my boys.......i was
> aware of the problems that could arise so i watched
> over them and made sure that they are not corrupted
> by outside influences........ i have no experience
> bringing up girls but i believe that it is a lot
> harder to dicipline and bring up boys.....everyone
> is her/his own person that no matter how uniformed a
> parent brings up their children, they will all come
> out different....teenage is the most chaotic stage
> in a person's life and it is when they need more
> guidance and is when they don't
> know who they really are.......and it is when they
> crave for that sense of belonging and yet wanting to
> be different at the same time.......this is the most
> confusing time for them.......i feel bad for the
> parents of those kids but i feel very sad for those
> kids who have been
> neglected......
> i have come across your site and read your comments
> about our country our culture and politics, i have
> laughed at the humour you put into your criticisms,
> i agree with a lot of things you you've
> you many filipinos including
> myself have criticised and laughed and felt ashamed
> of our own ..... but it is now time to put more of
> our energy into the other side of being
> critical........we may not able to find solutions to
> problems that are already there.....but we could
> start using less violent or demeaning words when
> posting stories about our mature
> adults, we have to know better.......there is a
> better way to express criticsms and frustrations
> especially when it comes to our youths.......
> thanks,
> hazel
> genmadrigal <genmadrigal@...> wrote:
> I don't know, but me and my fellow Martial Law
> Veterans don't have to
> dress like that just to look "astig." I wonder if
> those kids would
> still consider themselves "astig" if we pepper them
> with bullets or
> slash their necks. We might be wearing old man's
> clothes and overseas
> caps with ribbons, but if these kids make the
> mistake of messing with
> even one of us malilintikan sila.
> General Juan Carlos "Johnny" Madrigal, PC (Ret)
> --- In, "Jaime Antonio V.
> Montino"
> wrote:
> >
> > I once read an article about this kind of style.
> And yes, the
> imitation of this "gangsta" look does appear
> pathetic.
> >
> > The how and why seems to be quite elusive, but I
> have this gut
> feeling that many among the Filipino youth are
> adopting this style
> because of the "astig" aura that they somehow feel.
> I mean, each and
> every individual have their tastes when it comes to
> style. Sadly, it
> seems that the "gangsta" look is the style that
> suits their taste best.
> >
> >
> > "Change, change the form of man.
> > Free the prince forever damned.
> > Free the might from fleshy mire.
> > Boil the blood in heart of fire.
> > Gone, gone the form of man,
> > and rise the demon Etrigan."


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