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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Reaction to Pinoy wannabes who try to act/dress like "gangstas"

From: "luna_mahican"
Date: Sun Aug 28, 2005 11:00 am
Subject: Re: Filipinos who dress/act like East LA Blacks or "Cholo"
Gangbangers are PATHETIC luna_mahican
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Hello :)

Sadly, it's not just in the US that this
ridiculous thing is happening: "gangsta"
Filipinos (guys AND girls, mind you) litter the
malls and select sidewalks here in Manila.
These characters can be found in places like
Megamall or SM North EDSA with their bandannas
and/or double caps (each one worn in a different
way to face a different direction),
their silver dog chains, baggy pants, and over-
sized basketball jerseys
(I'm starting to notice, by the way, that
they swarm out every Sunday). And yes, I agree,
it IS pathetic.

And believe it or not, in my old church as the
sunday service was going on one would find these
individuals playing hoops at the church's
basketball court, with their irritating
"Yyyiiiiiiiaaaah buuuuuuuuuuooy!"s reaching
the inside of the sanctuary.

The media isn't helping, with the music
industry putting out artists emulating the
American hip-hop artists. It's bad enough that
Filipinos are starting to imitate artists like
Ja Rule, Tu Pac, and even those hip-hop/boyband
groups whose names I did not care to find
out; there are now these newbies in the
Filipino music scene that are actually doing
the same thing. It's one thing to imitate these
American artists in your own backyard with your
own friends; it's another to do this in front
of the camera, with millions of Filipinos watching.
It's shameful, it's degrading, it's and it's

One has to ask, though, why this is happening.
This "epidemic" is fast spreading in the Filipino
youth, and fast. Why do these teenagers try and
adopt another culture, and do it with incredible
zeal? Is it due to their shame, rejection of,
and/or ignorance towards their own culture,
or is it because of their inability to find it?
Maybe this is me just blabbing, but I'm beginning to
suspect that these kids are doing this because
they want to be defined as a generation. And in
a society that, whether we admit it or not, is
slowly succumbing to foreign influences, one cannot blame
them at the end of the day for going down the same path.

But yes, I still think these individuals must be stopped.
Hehehehe. If not for the sake of culture,
then for those people who just cannot stand them.


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