Bagong Lipunan

Monday, September 05, 2005

Replies to Martial Law Message

From: "digitalpapa"

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 08:01:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [filipino] Re: Reaction to Pinoy wannabes who try to act/dress like "gangstas"
Sir, I agree with all that you described as the dirt of today's Filipino youth. Sadly, most of those also apply to the adults! Look at the cell phone thing for example. I recently came back from a trip to the Phils and found it interesting that even those poor folk selling a few pieces of fruit on the street are clutching on to and staring intently at their cell phones punching away at the keys. I'm sure that the money they waste on "loads" could have been used for food or other important items.

As far as the contests (singing, dancing, etc), look at the size of the audience they attract. I would hope that some of those spectators are watching in disappointment and disgust at what their fellow Filipinos are wasting their time and energy on.

Regarding your solutions, I admit that they are somewhat extreme. I do agree on the desired result though. I'd like to see less bullsh*t, more intelligence and better use of time and energy on the part of the younger folk.

From: "hazel vee"
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 13:00:04 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Re: [filipino] Re: Reaction to Pinoy wannabes who try to act/dress like "gangstas"
General Madrigal,

i am passionate about topics regarding children, their well being and their safety......your passion to achieve yours and everyone's dream of a better generation for our young filipinos is admirable........however, i do not agree with a military style dicipline.......putting fear of military punishment in the hearts of young people is not going to boast their self esteem........our youths are not to blame, after all they are the products of their parents messed up filipino why don't we all go after them? the parents i mean...
it took me almost half a life time to disconnect myself from my own parents' dysfunction......and from that typical filipino mayabang, lazy and great immitators mentality.......the "clean up" starts from individual families........

if you were a part of the marcial law in the early 70s then why together with the marcoses and thier cronnies didn't you all achieve what you all wanted to achieve for the so called bagong lipunan?.........aren't the situations after that and for the last three decades that we're all frustrated and ashamed of now , the end result of bagong lipunan?........... why didn't you all use your power back then to make a difference for our younger generation?.........why are the military and all other figures of athourity in our country so corrupt to the very core?......i know what i am talking about, cause i have relatives in the army, the police force, the judicial system, even presidential guards to the deposed marcos.........these people in uniforms, mostly men have abused their authority..........i don't need to mention all the kinds of abuse of power, you should know if you were in the middle of them.........i just hope that you were one of the very few who are truly a genuine
gentleman......that would be an added to my diappointment if you weren't.........

i am just a simple minded woman, an individual but most of all a mother.......
i have endured sleepless nights protecting my boys from the military style dicipline that their father wanted to bring them up with........had i not been strong enough to save them from that situation, they would have grown up to be like bullies and broken men instead of gentlemen like they are today.......and i am very proud that i get a lot of praises from others who get to know my sons........even the ex husband can't thank me enough for what i have way is better, i may have only three examples of good results to show but at least i can prove that tough and yet gentle aproach works.........

if we want to see men who don't have much respect for women, we just have to go inside a military camp......but of course there are also in other sectors of the community........because the typical filipino men have a twisted notion of their manhood that is why our country is cluttered with unwanted abandoned children and i am sure many of them were fathered by men in uniforms.

my idea of helping youths in our country is to set up workshops where they can learn skills and be taught about morals and values and where they can be rewarded for their HARDWORK,that's the key word...............i wouldn't mind to spend my hard earned money on projects like these.............. but with the talks of civil war or uprising against whoever is not very helpful for someone like me who is willing to go there and just get on with the job.....i don't want to be in the middle of all the chaos.........and the corruption, how are we going to stop it?..........could we all put our energy on just doing and working.......all i want to do is go there and show an example of hardwork.......bullying people and telling them what to do is not the same as showing them........working with them is more likely to achieve a productive result.......thanks,



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